Project Researcher

              Takuma ShirahataDr. Shirahata                 

                   Information Devices                  

                   E-mail: shirahata [AT]                    

                   Tel: 03-5452-5155

                   FAX: 03-5452-5150



                     2021.05 Doctor of Engineering, EEIS, UTokyo

                     2021.06 Project Researcher, RCAST, UTokyo

  Research Interest

  1. Swept-source optical coherent tomography (SS-OCT)
  2. Dispersion-tuned swept lasers (DTSLs)
  3. Compressed sensing technique for SS-OCT
  4. Mode-locked fiber lasers

Selected Publications

  1. T. Shirahata, S. Y. Set, and S. Yamashita, “Compensation of Phase-Uncertainty-Induced Impairments in Dispersion-Tuned Swept Laser OCT using Digital Coherent Detection,” J. Lightwave Technol., JLT, vol. 38, no. 23, pp. 6492–6498, Dec. 2020.
  2. H. Jiang, Y. Huang, Z. Zhao, T. Shirahata, L. Jin, S. Y. Set and S. Yamashita, “Laser mode locking using a single-mode-fiber coil with enhanced polarization-dependent loss,” Opt. Lett., OL, vol. 45, no. 10, pp. 2866–2869, May 2020.
  3. Z. Zhang, C. Zhang, T. Shirahata, S. Yamashita, and S. Y. Set, “Overall Non-Mechanical Spectrally Steered LiDAR Using Chirped Amplitude-Modulated Phase-Shift Method,” J. Lightwave Technol., JLT, vol. 40, no. 7, pp. 1902–1913, Apr. 2022.