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Come Check us out at the 2022 CLEO Conference

The CLEO conference is where leading researchers from around the world present key innovations they have recently made in a variety of fields. This year the Yamshita-Set lab have several of our researchers making presentations you will not want to miss. Here is a comprehensive list of both our oral and poster presentations:

Poster Presentations

  1. All-Optical 25-Gbps Silicon Carbide Kerr Switching Intensity Modulator On Silicon Platform by Chih-Hsien Cheng, Cai-Syuan Fu, Sze Yun Set, Shinji Yamashita and Gong-Ru Lin
  2. Reduction of Noise in a Passively Harmonic Mode-locked Fiber Laser by Optimizing Cavity Length by Zihao Zhao, Guanyu Ye, Takuma Shirahata, Sean Wolfe, Lei Jin, Sze Yun Set, and Shinji Yamashita

Oral Presentations

  1. All Polarization-Maintaining Wavelength-Tunable Femtosecond Pulse Mode-Locked Fiber Laser Based on Strain Controlled Lyot-Filter by Xiangnan Sun, Shinji Yamashita and Sze Yun Set
  2. Orthogonally-Polarized Bi-directional Dual-Comb Fiber Laser by Kota Uyama, Takuma Shirahata, Sze Yun Set, and Shinji Yamashita
  3. Coherent Doppler Lidar for Improved Object Velocomitry using Dual Measurement Fusion by Sean Wolfe, Takuma Shirahata, Shinji Yamashita and Sze Yun Set

For more information on the conference and how to attend please click here