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The Yamashita-Set lab would like to take the opportunity to congratulate one its members, UYAMA Kota, on receiving the 優秀口頭発表賞 award at the 次世代ファイバーレーザー研究会 event. The symposium is nation wide with participants from Japan’s top universities and touches upon current advances in fiber lasers. The award, showcased in the picture below, is given to the best presenter of the symposium. Mr. Uyama’s presentation focused on stabilization analysis of polarization multiplexing fiber laser with all-pm configuration.

On the left, Prof. Yamashita. On the right, Kota Uyama

Check our Featured Paper on Optica

Recently, one of our post-doctoral fellows has had their article featured by the Optica Publishing Group under their Spotlight in Optics page. Dr. Chih-Hsien Cheng (seen left), who joined the lab in late 2021, has been a great addition to the team and his featured paper entitled Ultrafast 2 × 2 green micro-LED array for optical wireless communication beyond 5  Gbit/s is a must-read. In addition to the above, he has been selected by The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in Japan for the Leading Initiative for Excellent Young Researcher award in 2021. Congratulations Dr. Cheng!

Please see the following post for more information about the paper:

Congratulations New Graduates!

The Yamashita-Set lab would love to congratulate our two most recent graduates, Dr. Hongbo Jiang and our Masters student Yuchen Tian. They were presented with their degrees by both Professors Yamashita and Set. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors.

Best Poster Award

The Yamashita-Set Lab, thanks to the diligent work done by its Masters student Mr. Kota Uyama, recently received the best poster award in the 2021 EEIS RINKO poster presentations at the University of Tokyo. The award is given to the student who both achieved a high level of research along with a high quality presentation. Congratulations Uyama-san!

The presentation of the award to Mr. Uyama by Prof. Yamashita.

Join Us for The 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021

This year we will have two presenters presenting three papers at the 82nd JSAP Autumn Meeting 2021. The first is our PhD student Zheyuan Zhang, who will be presenting his most recent research on both Laser Mode-Locking and LiDAR. The information on his first paper, titled “Laser Mode-locking using SWCNT@BNNT with 1D van der Waals Heterostructure as a Saturable Absorber with a High Optical Damage Threshold”, can be found at the following link:

Program number: 11p-N405-3

Zheuyan’s second paper, entitled “Chirped Amplitude-Modulated Phase-Shift Method Based Overall Non-Mechanical 1-D Spectrally Scanned LiDAR“, is found with the following link:

Program number: 12a-N404-8

The second presenter from the Yamashita-Set Lab is our Masters student Kota Uyama, who will be presenting his work on polarization-multiplexed mode-locking , titled “二偏波励起による偏波多重モード同期ファイバーレーザー“, and can be found at:

Program number: 10a-N107-6

The presentations will begin tomorrow morning (the 10th of September) and go throughout the weekend. We wish the both of them the best of luck!

Lab Introductory Video

After the participation of the Yamashita-Set Lab in The University of Tokyo Open Campus event, the lab would like to share with the public a more in-depth introduction into what we are doing here currently in the lab.

The video introduces the cutting-edge research being conducted in the Yamashita-Set lab, including some live experiments. Check it out on YouTube or watch it below:

Komaba Research Campus Open House

On the 11th and 12th of June, UTokyo will be holding an open house at the Komaba Research Campus, for anyone interested in the various activities and research happening around the campus. As a member of RCAST, the Yamashita-Set Lab is excited to share with you our research and projects, so don’t miss it!

We will be presenting on both June 11th and June 12th from 14:00 to 15:00, with a Q&A session as well. Also, the June 11th Q&A session will be broadcasted on Nico Nico Live, so please join us! Visit the link below for more information.

Click here:

Welcome to New Students

This academic year, the lab is welcoming five new students! A initial meeting was held for all students of the lab with general introductions and plans for the upcoming year. 

Doctoral students: Takeo SASAI and Bowen LIU
Masters students: Ruiyan CHEN and Kenta YUBA
Undergraduate students: Moeri HORIUCHI

Congratulations to Recent Graduates

On March 19th, several of our lab’s students attended the online graduation ceremony and received their diplomas. The lab had a total 3 Masters level graduates and 1 Bachelors level graduate. Although we are sad to see them leave the lab, we wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Congratulations to: Hengwei Zhao, Naoki Yamaguchi, Zekun Cui (Masters) and Eibon Tsuchiya (Bachelors).

From left to right: Prof. Yamashita, Hengwei Zhao, Naoki Yamaguchi, Zekun Cui and Prof. Set

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